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Lake Sahoma the night before.  Dark and dreary.

Day One...after breakfast and ready to roll!

Kelly at...where else...KELLYVILLE!

Camping at Stroud Lake.

The Rock Cafe in Stroud.

Building sign in Stroud.

Near Davenport on Route 66.

Downtown Chandler.

The Round Barn in Arcadia.

Arcadia Lake...view at sunset.

Old gas station near Arcadia.

Camping at Bell Cow Lake near Chandler.

Camping at the Cushing Airport...note the flags!

Morning coffee with the locals in Cushing.

The Sandella's Mural.

Another Cushing mural.

Mainstreet USA...Drumright, Oklahoma!

Mural in Drumright.

Last day...on the home stretch.

Kelly on Old Route 66 west of Sapulpa.

Kelly's roadside treasures.